Data & Code Access

Data access and code for SOIL SES are organized using the Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center’s infrastructure.  All access to services are from this web site.  In some instances, you will need a login to get access.  If you are a member of the sohcres team and you do not have a login, please email the team leadership, or use our contact page to request access.  Your communication will be followed up with a personal email or phone to confirm/validate your identity.

  • Secure Data File Access
  • Secure Rstudio Server
  • R Shiny Server (web framework used to expose R model analysis – allowing for a ‘point and click’ approach to running a pre-developed model and review results)
  • Github repository for code management (We use an organizational GitLab instance that is managed by SESYNC)
  • Apache Solr to enable dynamic searching and meta tagging of data
  • Interactive Python/Jupyter notebooks for python interaction.  While R is used for model development for sohcres, python is used as an integrative language for data wrangling and other gluing things together as needed
  • ESRI StoryMAPS.  ESRI’s cloud-based story maps engine is used to present our findings and to allow for a more visual representation of data and derived knowledge.